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Allen Aucoin: Life Lessons of a Disco Biscuit
By Tracy Block

Allen Aucoin is all about pushing his musical limits. The Georgia-born, Berklee-bred drummer joined the Disco Biscuits in 2005, and since then, he's presented artistry beyond imagination, drumming up beats and patterns seemingly impossible from human limbs. On his Zildijan drums and mix of Edrum pads, Aucoin's precision and pace are forces to be reckoned with. As a Disco Biscuit, he adds danceable definition, activating the thunder in an unparalleled storm of jamtronic flooding. On his own, he tours as his alter ego, DrFameus, a one-man beat machine likened to a spiraling tornado that never loses its speed. And although calling him a disaster would be a disservice, natural is quite a suitable way to describe this phenomenal man's gifted talent. Read full article »

Disco Biscuits drummer as Dr. Fameus
By cory.pennington

Allen Aucoin’s first instrument was the saxophone. It wasn’t until he was in junior high that he heard his first drum section. He was mesmerized. He finished high school, honing his chops along the way, before dedicating his life to music, attending Berklee College of Music in Boston. In Boston, he developed a passion for electronic music that resulted in a collaboration with a DJ. They called themselves Dr. Fameus. In 2005, after an intense tryout, he joined the rock-fusion band the Disco Biscuits as its full-time drummer. With the Disco Biscuits’ intense touring schedule, Dr. Fameus was forced into hiatus, but it was always in the back of his mind. Aucoin recently found time to resurrect his old project and started touring in a Honda Civic, a stark contrast from the Disco Biscuits’ large tour bus.

I spoke with Aucoin earlier this week. Dr. Fameus will play at Zydeco on Saturday at 9:30 p.m. Click here to read the full interview »

DrFameus Invades AURA
Written by Tracy Block
In 2005, the sound of one of the most iconic jam bands of today was changed forever. When Allen Aucoin replaced original drummer Sammy Altman, the Disco Biscuits transitioned into a more progressive hybrid between jam and electronica, anchored by Aucoin’s unmatched pace and precision. The sensational drummer has since earned nicknames like ‘The Machine,’ ‘The Gingerbot,’ ‘The Terminator’ and ‘The Alien.’ But, if you ask him, he’s more partial to his Schwarzenegger doppelganger – and the “hilarious” superimposed image of the ginger-haired Georgia boy robot floating around the web. Click here to read the full article »

While in Mexico at Mayan Holidaze in 2012, a group of us went on an excursion through the Mayan jungle.

Check out Benjy Eisen's article and Dave Vann's picture perfect photography on www.rollingstone.com!

mayan holidaze 2012

DrF will be doing a late night set at Mayan Holidaze on Saturday, January 28 in the late night lounge. Then, DrFameus will be playing with The Polish Ambassador & Zoogma at the GA Theatre on Feb. 4!

Next stop will be Durango, CO where he is opening for Eliot Lipp on February 8th. Closing the run out will be FIVE shows with Conspirator. The guys are starting off on Febuary 9 in Fort Collins, Febuary 10 in Boulder and Febuary 11 in Denver. Finally, on to Milwaukee on Febuary 15 & Kalamazoo on Febuary 19. DrF will also be playing for the FIRST TIME at the River Music Experience on Febuary 18 in Davenport, Iowa.

Stay tuned for more DrF spring tour dates coming to a town near you! Also, click here to inquire about lessons from DrF!